Our company has worked in the electro-technical field since 1968 and up to now it successfully engaged in the construction, management and maintenance of electrical installations and relevant equipment in the fields of naval constructions and reparations, industrial plants, civil plants and high value-added service industry.
It is situated in the industrial district of Trieste within an area of about 3000 m2 (of which 900 covered).

Having always been sensitive to the technical transformations and innovations of its sector, our Company is able to offer a complete series of services on electrical installations and equipment in general, energy distribution boards and automation devices, maintenance and rewinding of double-current generators and electric motors, construction and modification of light structural works.

We have a technical and commercial department in which qualified technicians operate, registered in the professional rolls and keeping constantly informed, who follow the Customers and co-operate with them in order to carry out a proper design according to the actual requirements of the case, trying to reach the maximum operation capacity at the right cost.